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What to do on Bonaire


FX Bonaire Kiteschool

Learn to kitesurf in the most beautiful place in the world. The trade winds that blow here all year round and the warm seawater make Bonaire one of the best places to learn how to kitesurf.

Bonaire Kiteschool and Holiday Houses Bonaire now offer you the opportunity to learn kitesurfing in the world's best place. Bonaire Kiteschool masters the best techniques needed to teach you kitesurfing in a safe and friendly learning environment. All instructors are internationally recognized IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certified teachers.

All our apartments are located a maximum of 15 minutes drive from Atlantis Beach, where the lessons take place, making Holiday Houses Bonaire the perfect location to enjoy before or after your lessons.

Are you interested in taking kitesurfing lessons and would you like to combine this with a stay at Holiday Houses Bonaire? Please contact us, so that we can discuss the possibilities with you for your holiday on Bonaire! Or first, take a look at the website of FX Bonaire Kiteschool.

FX Bonaire Bike Rental

Bonaire is of course known for all the wonderful water sports opportunities, but there are also other ways to experience the beauty of Bonaire.


Sightseeing in an active way! Explore the island by bike and discover the rough sides of Bonaire, reach places where it is not possible to get to by car. Try ou the mountain bike trails or just enjoy cycling on the road? FX Bonaire supplies high-quality Cannondale mountain bikes. Whether you use the bikes to just cruise and cycle around or explore the mountain bike trails, their well-maintained bikes are suitable for all levels.  

In addition to bicycle rental, FX Bonaire also offers private and group MTB tours. Their guides will show you the beautiful, remote and untouched side of Bonaire.

Do you want to rent a Mountainbike while you are on Bonaire? Contact FX Bonaire and they will bring the right bike to your apartment.

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