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Bon Bini na Boneiru


You will probably have the first introduction to Bonaire from the air before you land at Flamingo International Airport. If you look down from the window you will see the azure blue sea with a boomerang-shaped island of about 300 square kilometers. The island is located off the coast of Venezuela and is part of the windward islands. Around 18,000 people with more than 70 different nationalities live here. 


There is a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere on Bonaire, the island is a tourist destination that has not (yet) been discovered on a very large scale. The island offers beautiful varied landscapes and a surprising diversity of flora and fauna.

And just as important: it is pleasantly warm 365 days a year, thanks to the trade winds that bring the necessary cooling. The island is the ideal destination for everyone who loves water sports both underwater: diving and snorkeling and on the water: windsurfing, kite surfing and sailing.
An absolute must see on Bonaire is the bird species from which the island's airport owes its name: the extremely rare Caribbean flamingo. Bonaire is one of the four remaining places on earth where this beautiful pink bird can still breed in peace.

Curious about what to do on Bonaire? Check out our tips so that you can immediately start planning your dream trip!

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